Structured Cabling Services

Network Supplies

Connell Communications Inc. provides Network Supplies including:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Cabinets
  • Patch Cables

Cabling Products

Connell Communications Inc. provides Cabling Products from these manufacturers:

  • Panduit
  • Hubbell
  • Belden
  • Comscope
  • Bertek
  • Leviton
  • Ortronics

  • End Users
  • National Contractors

Connell Communications Inc. provides Data, Telecommunications and CATV Design and Distribution Cabling including:

  • Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6
  • Optical Fiber
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cabling
  • Backbone Distributions
  • Campus Cabling
  • Overhead Paging
  • Wireless
  • Video
  • CCTV, DVR, Security

Design, construction and project management with field testing, as-built documentation and waranties.

Cable installation warranty

Connell Communications Inc. warrants that cable plant installations will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of fifteen (15) years from the time of delivery and installation of said materials. This warranty includes all point-to-point hard wiring from (and including) wall jacks, through walls and ceilings to (and including) MDF's, IDF's and/or patch panels purchased by the original customer.

This warranty does not include moves, adds, changes, patch cables, or damage caused by contractors other than Connell Communications Inc. Any changes to the integrity of the initial installation by anyone other than employees of Connell Communications Inc. will serve to void the actual warranty. Additional charges may apply if the equipment has been misused, abused or accidentally damaged as a result of an act of God (i.e. lightning, fire, flood or structural failure).

Should any failure in the cable plant occur during the 15-year warranty period,Connell Communications Inc. will, at their expense, repair and re-test the cable plant failure.